We specialise in Advanced Motorcycle Training which is tailored to the individual rider

Utilising experience gained from over two decades of motorcycle tuition, we can improve the way you ride so that you are safer, smoother and more systematic.

And once you've reached the required standard, you will be issued with a certificate which qualifies you for a discount from many leading motorcycle insurers.

Why choose Surrey Riders?

Very experienced, patient and friendly DVSA approved instructor

Training available day and evening

Scala Rider Pack Talk Bluetooth communication from instructor to students

High definition digital footage of your ride from our bike-mounted camera

We work around you for a more flexible approach to training


The correct handling of a motorcycle calls for a variety of mental and physical skills on the part of the rider.

By applying good techniques, a high degree of efficiency can be achieved in which rider and machine combine to form a relaxed but totally controlled team.

 A full days one-to-one training is £160, but if you bring a friend it's £120 each.

Surrey Riders

Surrey Riders

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